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I am dr. Fenel Vixama, originally from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. I am married and the father of 3 children. I am a pastor, teacher, writer, theologian, chaplain, and counselor. It is with great pride that I present to you an unpublished collection of 6 volumes entitled: The great questions of existence.

This collection reveals to readers 6 dense, complex but extremely rich, and fascinating volumes which address fundamental questions that all human beings ask themselves:




Volume 1: Does God Exist? A theological approach

Volume 2: Who Am I? A philosophical approach to the human

Volume 3: What is life? A biological approach to humans

Volume 4: What is the value of existence? An axiological approach to the human

Volume 5: What is being? An ontological approach to the human

Volume 6: Where Am I Going? A teleological approach to the human

Unpublished works constitute a whim, of course, culminating in a boost for those who seek to take stock of life. Finally, a pragmatic and enlightening literary approach for the informed reader who seeks to know himself better in order to better orient himself.

With a specialized profile in the theological discipline, endorsed by a doctoral thesis of the 3rd university cycle, under the sign of an experienced professional backed by a deep commitment to instruct in order to build, which confers, moreover, a certain legitimacy, it is therefore with a mad passion that Dr. Fenel Vixama presents to you this collection of unpublished works intended to generate an innovative vision allowing to the reader of go beyond the strict field of speculation and investigation on the objective meaning of existence, in order to enter into a responsible and meaningful existence.

As you read the books in this series, you will come to a new appreciation of your life as to its origin, its value, its true meaning, the importance of your actions in this life, and the ultimate purpose of your presence on earth. To learn more, purchase this collection only for $150.00. It is, without a doubt, the greatest investment in your training.

The books will be available from February 2022. For your reservations by text or phone call, dial (718) 312-9924 or (347) 268-5439. By email write to us at 



Born to Michel Vixama (Cap-Haitien) and Rosalie Innocent (Jacmel) on December 17, 1952, Dr. Fenel Vixama is originally from Port-au-Prince. He is married to Rev. Sophonie Alfred (teacher). From this union came three children: Pascalle Vixama DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice), Vanessa Vixama MPH (Master of Public Health), and Dr. Kenny Vixama Esq (lawyer). Fenel began his primary studies at the Jean Marie de la Mennais School in Port-au-Prince and completed them at the François Volny School in Gonaïves. He did his secondary studies at ”La Ronde” College in Gonaives and ”Jean Price-Mars” in Port-au-Prince. In 1973, Fenel enrolled at STEDH.

In 1980, Dr. Vixama moved to the United States of America where he continued his studies at Truman College in Chicago. His academic background includes Doctor of Ministry (D.Min) from New York Theological Seminary (2010), Master of Divinity (M.Div.) from Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary (1990), Master of Theology (MTS) from Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary (1992), a specialization in Liberation Theology in Guatemala and Nicaragua, and training in medical chaplaincy (1 CPE Unit) with the North-Western University Memorial Hospital (Chicago) and (3 CPE Units) with the Catholic Health Services (CHS) (Long Island, New York).

A distinguished professional, Fenel has made a career in administration as well as District Supervisor for the Chicago Metro, sometimes ministering to COG and other prestigious institutions such as PCUSA and UMCH, sometimes teaching as a teacher and sometimes chaplaincy as a supervisor.

Dr. Fenel Vixama is a prolific writer. He also has several works to his credit. In 1999, he published his first book entitled La Foi Chrétienne et la Politique: Christ & César. In 2021, he compiled an intergenerational hymnology: ”Tribute to the Creator”. In 2022, he presents a new series whose theme is: ” The great questions of human existence! ”

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